Valentines Lush Review

 The Lush valentines stuff came out, and I got my self to the nearest lush store as fast as possible. I could only buy two so I bought the; Love Locket Bath Bomb, and the Floating Flower Bath Bomb. So I was super excited to have two nice relaxing baths, in a row on the weekend, and then we had athletics day at school, and I got sooo sun burnt!! Mum decided to keep me home from school the next day. I was so sun burnt that I couldn't have a lush bath on the weekend/valentines day!

Floating Flower Bath Bomb:
This one smells AMAZING!! It is super floral, and quite strong, but not overpowering. When you put it in your bath, it leaves a vibrant, colorful foam, which I loved. When it fizzed away, which was after quite a long time, the bath was a lovely, festive, pink.  It is a really fresh and relaxing smell, and I absolutely love it!

Love Locket Bath Bomb:
I am really sorry to say, that I got super excited with this one, and forgot to take a picture before I put it in the bath. This one smells really nice. It's a nice refreshing, and uplifting smell, that again is strong, but not overpowering. It fizzes away quite quickly actually, and leaves a bright pink bath with little pink hearts all around the place. I absolutely love it and I think that having this bath on valentines day would be the perfect way to celebrate!

Hope you enjoyed this little review, I will still do the weekly Christmas reviews.

Amesmames xx


  1. It looks so nice and I bet it's great like all the Lush products. Great post.


    1. Yeah It was really nice, thanks LEJA


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