Autumn Holidays

Hello, sorry I have not been blogging much, but for the past two weeks its been the autumn holidays. I have mostly just been relaxing, and just having a good time, so blogging has not been a main focus. However, school is back and so am I.

So at this point you may be asking what could have kept me so busy (or relaxed) over the holidays that I didn't even think to blog. Well if that's what you were thinking, I was away on a camp in Waihola, Waihola is a small town settled next to a lake, and the town is 30 minutes south of Dunedin. It is one of my favorite places in the world, and is the perfect getaway from a stressful year.

We had to drive to Waihola which took over 5 hours, with all my family crammed into one car, but the drive down was actually really enjoyable, and when we got to Waihola it had snowed! We were so excited because it hasn't snowed where we live for years! I t also snowed the next day, so we had two lovely days of snowmen, and sleds, and snowball fights. I actually ended up with a grazed eyeball from that snowball fight haha.

There were lots of activities like flying fox, horse riding, sledding etc. But even without the activities I would have had a great time with my friends. Most of the camp we were giggling and just enjoying ourselves so it was like the perfect week.

The lake and the landscapes are all so beautiful, and its also a christian camp, so that's a bonus. The camp had a real focus on parents, but it did have some really good points about women and our glory, and our downfall:

-We are all beautiful
-We always expect too much from our husbands
-We expect too much because we were made for more, we were made for God.

Those were just some of the points, he had plenty more, and it has really inspired me to try to be more understanding of others.

If there was anyway you could get to Waihola I would thoroughly recommend it, even if you didn't go to the campsite, the little town is really lovely as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear what you did in the holidays, or what you are planning for the next one.

Amesmames xx

Easter Lush Products

Yes just like on valentines weekend, I could not resist the special lush bath products. Again I could only choose two, so I got the Golden Egg bath melt/ballistic, and the Immaculate Eggception bath bomb in pink.

 The Golden Egg bath melt/ballistic:
Before I even put it in the bath I was in like heaven. This smelled so good. I think it was the same scent as "Honey I Washed the Kids" I am definitely going to look into that now, because I looove this scent. When I put it in the bath the first layer melted away leaving yummy ingredients that are good for the skin, and then the second layer slowly fizzed away leaving the bath a really bright, pretty much neon yellow. I always find it a little bit awkward with a yellow bath, like I feel like I'm bathing in pee, but even with that feeling, I really enjoyed it. I also think that this is a super lovely way to celebrate Easter, like does this not scream victory to you?
The Immaculate Eggception bath bomb:
This one I thought smells like the cinders bath bomb from the Christmas selection, so really nice, and simple. It fizzed away almost instantly leaving the bath a nice pink colour, that you would expect from this bath bomb. The other good thing about this is you can break it open, and ther is a little chick inside, so with the broken pieces you can have multiple baths. It was really relaxing and comfortable, and I am looking forward to using us again.

Hope you enjoyed this post
Amesmames xx

John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." 


This post is reaaally late, but it got here in the end. I have been blogging less lately because its holidays, so I kinda just flop and do nothing the whole time. I did do something really special for Easter though. Every year my family , and some of our friends wake up at like 5, and then go to the beach where we have a dawn service. It is so beautiful, and I think is the perfect way to celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. It also has quite a triumphant feel to it. I don't know, I just love it.

My Mum took this photo. We have a little wooden cross that we decorate with flowers, and put in the sand. This year it was quite cloudy, so we didn't really get a good view of sunrise, not so victorious, but it was still really lovely. We always go swimming afterwards, and I have to say, the water was soo nice and warm, even in autumn, and there was no wind, so I didn't freeze when I got out.

I just love this small little annual meeting for Easter, and would definitely encourage other people to do it, it is just so perfect!

Amesmames xx

P.s. I will be doing a post on the Easter lush stuff really soon as well

Romans 6:23. "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

My birthday!!!

Yup, I am officially 14 years old! It has been a strange year, I feel like I have matured more this year than any other in so many ways. I have experienced some of the Lords amazing power, I have also experienced mild depression, I have had my eyes opened to society, and popularity. I have enjoyed this year, but it's bittersweet, I would gladly go back to being an innocent and oblivious 5 year old.

I thought I would share some of the things I got for my birthday:

Moroccan Oil:
My hair is SUPER dry and curly and untamed. Every time I go to the hair dresser they tell me to get Moroccan oil, but I've never really gotten round to it. I'm excited to see how this goes, and if I notice a difference I will most likely do a more detailed post on it. I am hoping it will help my dry situation.

It's pretty much a tangle teaser, but cheaper, another good one for dry hair because it doesn't have little baubles at the end of each bristle. The little baubles on other brushes cause hair breakage.

Butterfly Pegs:
I have been planning on getting fairy lights, and using cute clips to hang photos on the lights with, so my best friend, lala in other posts, bought me some gorgeous pegs from typo. These will not go to waste, and as soon as I get everything sorted out I will do a post!

Lush Shampoo Bar:
This smells AMAZING!!! It lingers in the bathroom for ages And Looks like it will last for about the same amount of time as a normal bottle of shampoo which I wasn't expecting, I have already used it once, and although my hair wasn't as nice as per usual, but I'm hoping that my hair will get used to it, and soon I will notice the difference.

For my party, I went out with some of my friends for dessert. It was so amazing!! We went to Strawberry Fare, so it was super expensive, and I had to pay some as well. But I think it was worth it! It was just a lovely night out. There was one crack up moment when the waitress came out with my dessert, and so I started eating the swirly caramel bit, Another waitress came out and said "We gave you the wrong one," so I turn around and look at her while stuffing my face with caramel! The second one she gave me had happy birthday written with chocolate, and a candle, so I loved it.

Hope you liked this post

Amesmames xx


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