Lush So White Bath Bomb Review (Christmas)

Lush has their Christmas stuff in yay! Unfortunately for me, my funds are a little low, as I am saving for Christmas presents and travel, so I was only able to buy one thing when I was there.
I was tied between this bath bomb, and the 'shoot for the stars' bath bomb, in the end I went with the 'so white' bomb because I've heard lots of good things about it.

Now in every review I've ever seen on this bomb, people always say it smells like fresh apples. So when I sniffed this I was expecting something like the head and shoulders apple shampoo. It wasn't quite as fresh as that, I think it was a lot more festive, and rich smelling than I was expecting. That being said, I did love the scent. I couldn't stop sniffing it all the way home. It's not as sweet as the other Christmas products, but still festive which I loved.

It also does something completely unexpected when you put it in the bath, it turns pink! Big win for me, as I love almost anything pink. As it fizzes away, it loses the white shell, and reveals its true, rosy pink, self.It also has some yummy bath oils to make your skin nice and soft which I loved. The bath oils were also pink fitting in very well with the theme.
It was very pretty to watch as it fizzed away, and turned the water pink.

I loved the scent, the colour, and the oils. It was one of my favourite Christmas products. It doesn't quite beat my ultimate favourite bomb, the blackberry bath bomb (Which is available all year round), but it came awfully close!
I would definitely recommend this to people, especially someone who is new to lush since it isn't overly sweet or strong smelling. Next time your near your local lush, be sure to pop in and get this one!


p.s.If all goes well in the way of money, then hopefully there will be a lot more of these posts to come!

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