Merry Christmas!!!! + Thoughts

So this is very late but merry Christmas!!! I have been in Gisborne for the past week and have been blessed enough to spend Christmas with my family (some of which live in Aussie).

 I feel like now that I am slightly older, and know what I need as well as want, I could give people better idea's for gifts, meaning that I got better gifts this year. I also got very excited about giving gifts this year, having more people to buy for was hard, I'm not made of money, but in the end i felt like i was getting another present, and it was such a good feeling.

Sorry for not doing a post on my wrapping, but it was quite a chore. I invited a friend, let's call her Meg, to help me wrap the presents, I thought this was a great idea because there were a LOT of presents to wrap, but turns out Meg can't wrap a present for her life, after her wrapping one present I decided to wrap them myself and let her do the tape. Bad choice!! She re-arranged all the paper and wrapped each and every one of them in the most awful way possible! So once I got to Gisborne I had to re-wrap all of them :/ So long story short, don't invite anybody to help wrap your presents, unless you have actually seen one of their wrapped presents.

 The part of the family we have been visiting, however, is non-christian. This made it very difficult to make Christmas about Jesus, and Christmas ended up being more about presents, and it was actually one of my least favourite Christmas holidays. But the sad thing is it was hardly even about family. This broke my heart, because I always thought we were a close family and could get past Christmas presents on Christmas day, but I was wrong.

What were the ups and downs of you're holiday?
I would love to see in the comments :)

Amesmames xx

P.s. I will do my new years resolutions on new years eve, and will post photos from Gisborne hopefully by the end of the week.


With school almost over, and Christmas so close I have practically been dancing place to place. I just wanted to talk a little bit about what Christmas means to me. In a few words Christmas means Jesus, summer, swimming, family,long nights, no worries. My family always goes up to the north island and we stay in Gisborne with my Nana and Grandpa. We stay there for 2-3 weeks, long enough to watch the new years fireworks as well as have Christmas. We literally just swim the whole time and with all my family there, there is never a dull moment. We haven't been to Gisborne for Christmas for almost 4 years, so that is getting me more and more excited everyday. I can't wait to see everyone, go shopping, and die of heat :P.
I'm also excited to give presents this year (I will do pictures of my wrapping) because I have more money now, and can give some great presents to everyone. Before I am asked, I cannot decide whether I love giving or receiving presents more, for me both ways is receiving something, but one is physical, and one is emotional. Watching people's faces as they open my present is so much fun. You, hopefully, get to see a joyful reaction, and know that all your hard work has paid off. 
I really want to give money to a charity this year, because if I can afford to buy Christmas presents for all my family, I can afford to give money to charity as well. That's sort of my motto, and whenever i am facing greed, which happens a lot, I remember who needs it more, and it's better to know that my money is going to a good cause rather than my wardrobe.
Lastly I want to remind my family of the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus Christ, I want to tell the younger children all the things that truly matter, because it would be so rewarding to see them grow up into good strong Christian, whose faith has just grown so strongly into something extra powerful. 

As I said earlier in the post, I am going to do a post on the way I am decorating my presents this year, and may also do my Christmas list.

Amesmames xx

Spring/Summer Haul

For the past month I've been collecting various pieces of clothing to get prepared for the summer holidays. So here is the start of my 2014 summer wardrobe:

 First up some pink high waisted shorts with a chevron edge from Valley Girl , I thought these would be really good because they are light and easy to slip on, so perfect for summer.
 Next some denim shorts. These are a necessity for me, but for some reason i had none.  So i immediately bought these from Cotton On.
 Third a greeny-greyey-bluey (?) tank top from Dotti. I bought this because i really wanted to expand the colours of my wardrobe, as I mostly have pink and blue things, and I really like how this sat, it is so comfortable.
 Fourth a white singlet from Just Jeans, Its loose and a gorgeous top that I couldn't bear to leave behind.
Finally i have a lovely white sleeveless tee with a scalloped collar and edges. I bought this at the same time that I bought the pink shorts. I have never really been too into the collars, but now i'm sold. This is so cute and I absolutely LOVE it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, i'll be typing again soon. <3

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