22 February

Four years ago today a terrible earthquake ripped through Christchurch leaving it in ruins.It doesn't seem that long ago but at the same time it feels like a decade. I remember exactly where I was when it happened, and every little detail afterwards. My story isn't all that dramatic, and I didn't lose anyone close to me, thank goodness, but I thought I would share my story.

I was walking across the court at school, over to my friends, when the world around me began shaking. It grew and grew into a huge earthquake. I remember not knowing what to do or where to go, so I ran and clung onto a pole for dear life. The teachers quickly rushed us to our classrooms where we sat and waited. We were sent out in pairs to get our bags, I watched people go out waiting for my turn. When it was my turn the next big aftershock arrived. Me and my buddy grabbed our bags, and ran back to the classroom.

I probably sat there for half an hour before my mum came and picked my and my siblings up. There was silt everywhere! We left school and went to one of our family friends houses where my mother and younger siblings had been at the time. My older sister was at a different school, and arrived later on. The only person who had not arrived was my dad. He was at his office right in the center of town, one of the places where the earthquake hit worst.

For the first few hours we couldn't get a hold of him. No one was really sure what was going, until dad finally managed to call mum. He was stuck in his building 17 stories up, not sure how, or when he and his workmates would get out. They were not top priority, because none of them were injured, and they could be put off for a while. I remember hiding under the table, where no one could see me, and crying not sure when or if my dad would ever come home. I seems silly now because it was almost definite that he would, but I was so scared at the time.

We all sat and watched TV in horror as they slowly showed more, and more of the damage, so many deaths, so much beautiful architecture destroyed, and so much fear spread around the city. My dad was eventually rescued by a crane, and we got to watch the whole rescue on TV. We stayed off school for two weeks, and for at least one week the only thing that appeared on the news was Christchurch. My dads story was shared in a magazine, and we all got our picture in it, so there you go, my claim to fame.

Four years on a lot has changed, I have grown in confidence, and Christchurch has slowly but surely started rebuilding. We have all become a closer community, and have more respect for each other. I was extremely lucky to walk away with everyone I loved still around, hopefully for years more. I will remember this and be thankful for the rest of my life, and every year say a silent prayer for those who were lost that tragic day. But I will also remember how much life can change in a few seconds, and be that much more prepared.

Sorry for such a deep post, but I wanted to share my respects, See you next time.

Amesmames xx

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