Book Review: Girl Online and Love Tanya

I have been looking forward to reading these books, as soon as I found out that Zoe and Tanya were writing books. I was given Girl Online as a Christmas present, and Love Tanya as an early birthday present. I am SUPER proud of my two favorite Bloggers/You-tubers!!!

 Love Tanya:
I really like this book, it has heaps of great advice, and gives you an insight into her life. It was really well written, and even though she had a bit of help, which she admitted, you could tell that Tanya had put a lot of work into it. It was really cool to find out her story, and how she got to the place she is now. Really the book is a celebration of the things she loves, and the fears, and anxiety that she has overcome. It was quite similar to the Lauren Conrad books, Beauty, and Style, two of my favorite books!

 Girl Online:
Another great book. It had a really cute story, and although it wasn't like an autobiography you could sort of see how blogging had helped Zoe, as the main character was very similar to her. Not gonna lie, some parts were slightly cliche, but on a whole it was a really lovely story, with good morals. This book was ghost written as well only Zoe did not admit to it. But you could see in all her vlogs and things, that she had put a lot of effort into it, and I think she really tried her best. I really like it, and am looking forward to the next book

Amesmames xx

P.s. I'm thinking about doing my top ten reads, let me know what you think

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