Lush Which Came First Bath Bomb

One of the joys of having my birthday so close to Easter time, is that I am given Easter lush products every year, without fail. I love being given lush products any time, however since I am currently saving up for an exchange trip and can't buy any for myself I appreciate the gift that much more!
This year I was given the Which Came First bath bomb, and the Golden Egg bath bomb melt (Which you can see a review for here).

This bath bomb is supposed to have a splendid, citrus-y sent, and although it did smell splendid, I found it smelt more like caramel than lemon and grapefruit. The scent itself was very subtle and sweet, not as strong as many other lush bombs I have used.
It fizzed away VERY quickly, like within 1 minute quickly, which I was not expecting. I tried to take a video, but it sank to the bottom of the bath and fizzed away too fast, so that was a bit of a fail.
The outside layer of pink fizzed away first leaving one little, yellow bath bomb chick which fizzed for a couple of minutes extra. The colour left behind was a brilliant, glittery orange, which I loved.

Both of the lush products I was given for my birthday are limited addition, so I recommend you pick some up and give them a go soon before they all run out!
Let me know if you have tried any of the lush Easter products, and what you thought of them in the comments below!

Amesmames xx

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