Spring Time

When spring finally arrived this year I felt like the whole world breathed a sigh of relief. Those long days with tiny amounts of sunshine and with huge amounts of work are finally behind us. And although I have exams later on this term, I couldn't help but feel like the worst was over.

I normally hate spring for its ever changing weather but this year I have come to really appreciate spring and the hope it brings. I have also realised that we are one season closer to Christmas! I am already listening to Christmas music and planning a Christmas party.

My family and I went to hagley park to see the amazing blossoms (the pictures don't do them justice) and also to Mona Vale for some family photos. It was a beautiful day, and that coupled with the fact that it was holidays at the time had me beaming from ear to ear.
The Romper I was wearing on this day was a hand me down from my sister (That's right, still loving the hand me downs) which originally came from top shop. I paired it with a leather jacket, which turned out to be unnecessary as the weather was extremely warm, and my good old converse.

Hope you've been loving spring too! Anyone else feeling their winter blues drop away day by day?

Amesmames xx

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