So White Bath Bomb

To reward myself for almost finishing my exams I popped into lush to buy a few of my favourite Christmas bath products. I was particularly excited to use this So White bath bomb because it is very different to last year. (Which I also reviewed, you can see my review of last years so white bath bomb here
It used to be plain white on the outside, but this year lush made it an actual apple which I think is super cute! I was disappointed by the size of the bath bomb though. All the Christmas range is significantly smaller than last year, and more expensive. It disappointing because I absolutely love using lush products, but its becoming less and less possible for me.
It had a half blue-half yellow center which created pretty patterns all over the water, and turned the water a festive green. It, of course, had the ever classic fresh apple scent which is the main reason why I bought it. One thing I found with it was that the water was very slippery (I almost slipped when I was hopping out of the bath) but if you're careful that shouldn't be an issue.

I still love this bath bomb despite its smaller size, and would still recommend it. I hope you try it and love it too!


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