5 Things I Learned When I Went Sugar-free

There is a diet for just about anything right now. It's all the rage. people everywhere are constantly restricting themselves in order to get that hot body.
Now I've never been a huge fan of diets for a couple of reasons:I LOVE food, and I have watched people around me diet and end up completely miserable and starving, which I personally think an amazing body isn't worth. I have never wanted to put myself in their position, and have never had to; I haven't been overweight and haven't had to worry about what I eat.
However I had found over the past couple of years I had been exhausted all the time, despite having a good sleep routine. It was making me a more negative and cranky person and I hated the constant headaches and inability to concentrate.

I made the decision to cut sugar out as much as possible for as long as possible about four months ago because I was curious to see if that would improve my tiredness issue. I don't follow any plan, I just cut out all refined sugars (apart from on cheat days, which are not every week). I still eat fruit and food containing natural sugars, and I allow myself a cheat day every now and again because as I said earlier being miserable because of  a diet is not something I want for myself. Here's what I have learnt over the past couple of months.

1. Being sugar free is not as hard as I thought it would be

Of course the first week was an absolute nightmare. It seemed like it was the one week where my family stuffed themselves with chocolate, ice-cream, baking, and every sugary thing. I sat there and watched them eat the one thing I couldn't have, crying on the inside. I was sure that I would give up after a couple of weeks, because I was miserable and didn't feel like it was making a difference at all. After the first week, though, I didn't crave sugar nearly half as much., and as the weeks went on it became a lot less of a trial. The weeks blurred together and now it feels like something I've been doing all my life. I don't have to hold myself back from eating sugary food because I don't want it anymore.

2. It is easy to replace the sugar with unhealthy carbs and bread

I noticed after the about the third week that I was eating a tonne of carbs, way more than usual. I would fill myself up on bread rolls instead of sugary snacks all day. Once I realized that I was replacing the sugar with carbs I made an effort to eat less carbs, and THAT was hard. It is something I would recommend doing if you go sugar free.

3. Eating sugar free is expensive

Sugar is in everything! It is so hard to find something sugar free, and generally if you do find something that tastes good as well it costs a fortune. To save costs I have ended up avoiding sweet food, and stick to savory, whether I'm at home or out.

4. Being sugar free definitely boosts your energy

I didn't feel the effects of my diet immediately, it wasn't something that happened over night. I don't know whether that's because I wasn't super strict or because it's a gradual process. However when I compare how I feel now, to how I felt at the beginning of the year I feel a million times better! I don't feel tired at all, and I can do so much more each day. I feel so much better and think it was definitely worth cutting sugar.

5. Going sugar free benefited more area in my life than one

Not only do I feel less tired, but my skin looks so much better, I lost a lot of fat, particularly around my stomach, and now I find it easier to build muscle.

My sugar free diet has given me so much more energy, and has had such a positive impact on my life. I feel way more confident and have found a real love for my body. It is something I would recommend to someone who never has enough energy, like I did. I'm going to carry on this diet because it's a regular part of my life now, I don't find it a struggle at all, and love how great I feel now.

Amesmames xx

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