Lush Review: Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

Hello everybody, recently my lush stock has been running low, so i popped in to my local lush and bought a few things. I only actually got three things, but that should be enough to last for a while. As soon as I got home, I couldn't wait to use some of my new products (all bath products). The first one I used was the melting marshmallow moment bath melt. Sorry for the bad photo, I quickly took a photo on my phone before having my bath.

On the packaging it says: "Mmm melt into pink, a fluffy bed of marshmallow and mega moisturizing cocoa butter." Doesn't that just sound amazing? I have used this one before, the first time I used it I remember being kinda disappointing  because it smelled less like marshmallow and more like those fizzer lollies, but I've gotten over that now, and really like this bath melt.
When you put it in the bath, it slowly melts/fizzes away leaving the bath a sweet smelling, pink colour. I didn't really notice extremely moisturized  skin, but that doesn't really matter. It isn't my favourite lush product, but it was really nice, and I definitely will use it again. Comment your favourite lush products, and expect some more reviews soon.

Amesmames xx

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