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Hello, for this blog post, I thought i would share the three people who really inspire my clothes and outfits. They are all quite different, and I kinda meet in the middle of them. I would say that with my own personal style I aim for more classy, feminine clothing, and you will probably be able to tell with these people. I'd like to apologize in advance for all the photos, there are heaps!

Blair Waldorf:
For those of you who don't know, she was one of the main characters in Gossip Girl. She has a very elegant, feminine style that I really love. She almost never wheres pants, and always dresses quite modestly. One of her classic "Blair" accessories is a headband. She always wheres colour, and owns her own personal style. Since the show isn't filming I kind of just incorporate her style into what I wear.

I think there isn't one teenage girl who doesn't look up to Zoe. I love her effortless, cute, girly, and fun clothing choices. She is unique in her style, and is happy to embrace that, She also makes some slightly more elegant outfits, and gives lots of tips for people on a tighter budget. She also does really lovely make up, and I get lots of ideas from her. She is a great role model, and I love her.

  Lauren Conrad:
It was Lauren's book, Style, that first got me thinking about my own style and what I love. She has really girly clothing, and designs her own lines of clothing. Her lines are quite often based on Disney, which I love. Sometimes she goes out in slightly shorter stuff that I wouldn't wear, but her books are really helpful for developing your own style. She also has quite classic make up which I like.

So there it is my three main inspirations, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I like, and maybe got some ideas for yourself. Would Love to hear who you like clothing wise!

Amesmames xx

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