Lush Review: Blackberry Bath Bomb & Pop in the bath Bubble Bar

Hello everyone, these are the last of the lush products from my small lush haul. The first of these is the blackberry bath bomb.
I love, love, love this bath bomb. Everything from it's colour to scent is uplifting and refreshing. I wouldn't say it smells blackberry-ish though.
When I dropped this into my bath it fizzed away quite quickly, and left me with amazingly vibrant violet water (It doesn't stain the bath or your body). I just love this, it is really good for after a long, hard day. And even when I didn't use it, it was so nice to come sit in my room, and have the smell of my bath bomb dispersed all through my room. This is definitely one of my favourites.

The second product is the pop in the bath bubble bar. For ages this was my absolute favourite lush bath product, but I think I over used it, and slowly have found new favourites.
It has a very fresh, kind of fruity scent, but not sugary sweet. It of course leaves you in a blanket of bubbles which is always a plus, and ever so slightly tints the water blue. It doesn't smell that strong, which I think is one of the reasons I don't like it quite as much as before.
Since it's a bubble bar, it can be used more than once, meaning you get more bang for your buck, which is another bonus.
Out of the two of these products, I would recommend the bath bomb, because it is so much more uplifting. It left me feeling happy, and refreshed. The bubble bar does that too, but its not as effective as the bomb. I love both of these products though, and will be using both of them again, guaranteed.

Hope you enjoyed this wee post, I will continue to do lush reviews until I run out of products, so there shouldn't be any shortage.

Amesmames xx

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