Summer Bucket List

Hey, for those of you in the northern hemisphere summer is almost over, but for the rest of us in the southern hemisphere, summer is just about here! I am so ready for summer, winter's been a drag with no snow.
The other day my best friend (I think I called her lala in a previous post?) sat down and wrote a wee bucket list. We're going to try our hardest to get all of these done, but even if we don't it's just nice to have something to look forward to right now.

So here it is, our summer bucket list:

-Make Homemade Ice Cream
I've never actually done this before, but I really want too. I think it would be super fun to make, and can't wait to give it a shot

-Use travels to glorify God

-Spend an entire day watching Disney movies
I'm thinking this will be perfect for a rainy day.

-Sleep on a trampoline (soo fun!)

-Read romantic novels
Pride and Prejudice, Girl Online, Redemption. Whatever it is, there will be so much free time to get reading. Why not?

-Go on a road trip with friends

-Participate in a colour run

-Stay up all Night

-Go a day without cellphones
Not sure if I can actually do this, haha, but I'll try.

-Dress up one day for no reason
I'm sure there will be plenty of selfies taken on this day. It's nice to dress up and feel pretty every now and again.

-Have amazing Christmas decorations
Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, and I love getting the lights out and decorating the tree.

-Make a summer SQUAD
Who doesn't love a good squad? I want to be extra social this summer, and a squad is the perfect way to do so.

-Get in touch with old friends
This is a bit more personal, but for us it's old camp friends who live in other cities. We spent so much time with all of them, and now hardly ever talk, I think it will be lovely to talk to them all again, and maybe even meet up.

-Write a song
This isn't for everyone, but we love doing covers and things, so we thought we'd try it out. This doesn't have to be restricted to a song. Do some painting, photography, dance, writing etc. We want to do something creative and productive and this is it for us.

-Go stargazing in the middle of nowhere
Driving out into the country, with pillows and blankets, and bundling up under stars, maybe bring along some M&M's and it's perfect.

-Go to Hanmer at least twice
Hanmer is a small town with really popular hot pools and hydro slides. Since not everyone lives close to Hanmer, I'd suggest the nearest water park or public pools.

-Get a decent tan
Lets be honest, this is everyone's summer goal.

-Watch fireworks

-Make a campfire
S'MORES!!! Seriously though, campfires are the best.

-Make some new friends
Whether it's through church, or just through a friend, Summer is the perfect time to get social and meet new people.

-Buy a whole watermelon and eat it
I love watermelon, and this will bring some pretty cool Instagram photos.

-Have a water fight
Because no summer is complete without one.

-Donate money to charity
We have this awesome organisation that allows us to buy presents for children in third world countries to receive on Christmas day, but getting involved with any charity would be super cool. It also makes you much happier than only doing stuff for yourself.

That's it. There's a few ideas for the up and coming summer.I cannot wait for summer to start! I'd love to hear your summer plans in the comments.

Amesmames xx

P.s. The photo is of me and lala last summer

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