My birthday!!!

Yup, I am officially 14 years old! It has been a strange year, I feel like I have matured more this year than any other in so many ways. I have experienced some of the Lords amazing power, I have also experienced mild depression, I have had my eyes opened to society, and popularity. I have enjoyed this year, but it's bittersweet, I would gladly go back to being an innocent and oblivious 5 year old.

I thought I would share some of the things I got for my birthday:

Moroccan Oil:
My hair is SUPER dry and curly and untamed. Every time I go to the hair dresser they tell me to get Moroccan oil, but I've never really gotten round to it. I'm excited to see how this goes, and if I notice a difference I will most likely do a more detailed post on it. I am hoping it will help my dry situation.

It's pretty much a tangle teaser, but cheaper, another good one for dry hair because it doesn't have little baubles at the end of each bristle. The little baubles on other brushes cause hair breakage.

Butterfly Pegs:
I have been planning on getting fairy lights, and using cute clips to hang photos on the lights with, so my best friend, lala in other posts, bought me some gorgeous pegs from typo. These will not go to waste, and as soon as I get everything sorted out I will do a post!

Lush Shampoo Bar:
This smells AMAZING!!! It lingers in the bathroom for ages And Looks like it will last for about the same amount of time as a normal bottle of shampoo which I wasn't expecting, I have already used it once, and although my hair wasn't as nice as per usual, but I'm hoping that my hair will get used to it, and soon I will notice the difference.

For my party, I went out with some of my friends for dessert. It was so amazing!! We went to Strawberry Fare, so it was super expensive, and I had to pay some as well. But I think it was worth it! It was just a lovely night out. There was one crack up moment when the waitress came out with my dessert, and so I started eating the swirly caramel bit, Another waitress came out and said "We gave you the wrong one," so I turn around and look at her while stuffing my face with caramel! The second one she gave me had happy birthday written with chocolate, and a candle, so I loved it.

Hope you liked this post

Amesmames xx


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