West Coast Holiday + Five Things

Last weekend we made very last minute plans to visit my grandparents on the west coast. The last time I went there was over two years ago, so the trip was long over due. We only stayed one night but we managed to fit a fair bit of sight seeing in while we were over.

The drive from Christchurch to Greymouth (where my grandparents live) is a very pretty one, particularly during winter time, as you wind through the Southern Alps. We had beautiful weather going over, and blasted show tunes the whole way, so I was extremely happy.
We managed to fit in a walk to the Devil's Punch Bowl waterfall and a visit to the pancake rocks in Punakaiki, both of which were really lovely. 

The next day we went down to Hokitika and Hokitika Gorge before heading home. Hokitika Gorge was the highlight of the trip for me, it was so beautiful. The glacial water is such a vibrant blue I just wanted to jump in! There were some very friendly and very cute fantails too.

1. I need to visit the West Coast more often! It is so much more beautiful than I remember.

2. My host family from my exchange trip last summer are coming for Christmas this year, and I am so excited to see them again. We're going to take them on a tiki tour of New Zealand, which means not only do I get to see some of my favourite people again, but I also get a great holiday! We're planning to go to Queenstown, Milford Sound, Akaroa, Auckland, Bay of Islands, and of course Christchurch, where they will experience a summer Christmas.

3. I've only got one more term of school plus exams before I graduate! I can't believe how quickly High School has gone, in a couple of months I'm going to have to start applying for university which has suddenly become a very scary decision as I have to choose between two very different passions of mine. I'm torn between nursing and singing. I've never not had a plan for the future, or not known what I was doing, and so the fact that I haven't chosen yet terrifies me! I have to keep reminding myself to trust that God has a plan for me.

4. I haven't even gotten through half of my winter reading list, and not because I'm a slow reader or because I forgot about it. I think I was a little bit ambitious trying to read over 25 books this winter, I'm going to have to carrying this through to next winter!

5. I am so excited for spring and summer this year. While I have loved every second of this winter, I am desperate for summer holidays! I missed out on summer last year because I spent the holidays on exchange in Switzerland. I've spent way too much time recently on asos shopping for sundresses, swimwear, rompers, sandals, and all things summer but I can't help myself! I am so jealous of all my friends in the northern hemisphere right now.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week!

Amesmames xx


  1. All of these landscapes are so beautiful! The glacial water especially... I so enjoy cooler weather more than the blazing heat I have right now in the US, I'd love to trade you!

    Good luck with your uni applications, I'm sure in the end you'll settle on something you love and that makes you happy.

    x Peyton | patienceandpajamas.com

  2. These photos are stunning! I'm so glad you ha da good time and were able to make the most of your trip.

    Best wishes for applying to university! Enjoy your last time in high school because it goes so quickly.

    Love always, Julia


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