Staying Positive in Autumn/Winter

February has come and gone, and with it the warm summer weather. I find myself getting more and more excited for cozy Saturdays wrapped up in blankets with a good TV show and a peppermint tea, and nippy sunrise walks.
However, along with the Instagram worthy autumn moments that are sure to come, I am already starting to feel the drag of school and work. I find Autumn and Winter are always seem to be the longest seasons of the year, and getting through each day becomes a real chore. (I mean, how is anyone supposed to concentrate on cold and rainy days, they're practically made for Netflix marathons)

When I think back to last year, having nothing to look forward to had a real impact on my attitude both at school and at home. I was generally bored, and for a while everything felt very meaningless. This year I am determined to not allow myself to get into such a funk again. I plan to always be doing something I love, and if I am doing anything out of obligation (apart from obvious things like school) just stop.
I've made a list of things to do this year that I plan to keep myself occupied and excited about:

1. Birthday party planning

With my birthday coming up in just a few weeks I am throwing myself into planning. Spending my free time on pinterest looking up snack recipes and decor ideas. I love planning, I'm a very organised person in that I have set times for everything I do, and for something like my birthday I literally start planning the next party just days after my birthday. Having this to look forward to is going to be extremely helpful while I try to keep my mood up

2. Blogging more frequently

I really enjoy blogging, and getting my ideas out there. I'm not a very regular blogger, though, as much as I try to be. This year I am going to try and plan my posts more, and have back up posts already prepared in case I am too busy on one week. This will really help me to feel like I'm accomplishing something every week as apposed to not doing anything exciting for weeks on end

3. Being more social

It's so easy to blob out on the weekends and spend the day on my phone, and although at the time it feels fun, at the end of the day I haven't learnt anything or bettered myself in anyway. This winter I am going to make a real effort to get outside and do things with different people, whether it be walks on the port hills, coffee dates, or ice skating. I am very extroverted, and thrive in social situations, so spending time with a variety of different people, and getting to know different people will have a huge impact on my frame of mind this winter.

4. Setting monthly goals

Much like blogging more frequently, setting monthly goals will helps me to feel like I have achieved something. Just 3-4 little goals every month, and checking up on them every week can both inspire me and help me to grow as a person. I am going to have to make a large effort not to be disappointed, however, when I don't achieve these goals, as it could quite easily become something to beat myself up about. This months goals are:
-Ask people how they are more often
-Read at least 2 challenging books
-Find and start a new devotion book
-Take lots more photos

What do you do to keep your mood up during the long winter months? Check out my Instagram and see what I'm up to throughout the weeks! 

Amesmames xx

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