Quinney's Bush

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After a busy 2016 nothing seemed more fitting than a relaxing camping trip with my family. We left for quinney's bush on January 2nd, and very quickly fell in love with the place. The camp ground (Which was packed when we first arrived, but quickly cleared out) was beautiful and green, which had a really tranquil effect on us campers. It had heaps of activities for young children which allowed even the parents to relax. This tranquility was only amplified by the fact that there was no wifi. I had so much spare time on my hands because I wasn't constantly scrolling through instagram or checking snapchat, so I got to reflect on 2016 and prepare for 2017 without any distractions.
The lazy mornings were generally spent either reading a book or making use of the beautiful fitness trail, and the afternoons were spent swimming in the swimming hole or playing games under the gazebo. No facebook, no blog, and no distractions.
On our last full day we drove to Kaiteriteri beach, which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful beaches in New Zealand. Kaiteri was much hotter than Quinney's, but it was much busier too. Being my fair-skinned self I had to seek refuge under a beach umbrella for most of the day, but the time that I did spend swimming in the lagoon was not a waste.
I am so thankful for the time I had at Quinney's to reset after the stress of last years exams. If you are ever in Nelson or on the west coast of NZ make sure you stop by at the Quinney's bush camp ground!

Amesmames xx

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