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Hello everybody, welcome back to my blog. As you all know, a couple of weeks ago it was valentines day, and with every valentines day comes valentines lush products! This year I was counting down the days till I could rush down to lush and try some of their lovely new products.  While I was surprised with what I got, I was definitely not disappointed!

 The two products I bought were called Unicorn Horn, and Lover Lamp.

Unicorn Horn was out last year, but I could only try out two last year, and I didn't like the smell of the unicorn horn, so I didn't buy it. I did go for it this year because there were only two bath products from the valentines range, and I wanted to try them both.
I really wasn't sure if I would like this bubble bar, I thought the scent was too fresh to be for valentines day, and I thought it would be too plain. I was so wrong!
I think that it suited valentines perfectly! It's lovely fresh scent was actually very romantic, and far more enjoyable than the floral scents of last years valentines range. It turned the bath a delicate shade of pink, and created mountains of bubbles, which I loved.

I added the Lover Lamp bath bomb, which was a new product brought out this year, into the bath after a few minutes, and once again I was pleasantly surprised. It's chocolate-y orange-y scent blended perfectly with the Unicorn Horn, and the red hearts you can see in the picture below melted into the bath, slowly turning the pink bah into a slightly deeper orange-y red colour, creating the most luxurious bath I have ever had! I loved every second, and sat I sat in the bath for ages before my fingers started wrinkling up like prunes.

I am literally praying they will bring these two back next year, because they are so amazing! I can easily say that these are my favourite lush products, and they make the most enjoyable bath you will ever have! I would definitely recommend these to people, as they are so magical, and would probably rate them both 9/10.

Unicorn Horn                                 Lover Lamp

Did you try any of the valentines products? I'd love to know what you thought, leave a comment down below. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Amesmames xx

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