Lush Haul!!

Yes, I'm another blogger who loves lush!! I found out about lush, by watching Zoella's lush hauls, and can't get enough of it. Unfortunately I'm only thirteen and don't have enough money to be buying constantly, but I have been enjoying lush baths once a week.
 I popped into my local lush store, and they had randomly been shipped the last of the christmas bath stuff, and all the christmas stuff was half price!!!! I went mad in the shop, sniffing everything, and picking up all the bath goods, Here is what I ended up with:

Luxury Lush Pud (Bath Ballistic)
I love this bath bomb it's pink, it smells amazing (Kind of like caramel, not sure if thats what they were going for),  and I can't wait to try it!!!

Holly go lightly (Bubble Bar)
I got this one as a christmas present, as you can see it has been used multiple times, which is always a good sign. When I first smelled it , I wasn't too sure, it smelt too musky and spicy for me, but when I used it I loved it. The smell is not over powering at all, and it turns your bath a lovey, festive green. I highly recommend this.
Cinders (Bath Ballistic)
I have heard sooo many good reviews about this, but never bothered to pick it up until now. It smells like orange and cinnamon, and it has popping candy in it, to imitate the sound of a crackling fire? It is rather small, but thats the only downside so far.

Dashing Santa (Bath Ballistic)
This little guy is sooo cute, It's a Santa!!! Not really sure what I think about the smell yet, but hopefully I will love it.
Magic Wand (Bubble Bar)
I really like the look of this one. It's pink, it has a bell, it's a star. All good things if your girly like me. But I'm not sure about the smell, I think it will smell better in the bath, because that's what it's meant for.
The Christmas Penguin (Bubble Bar)
Soo cute!! It smells like my favourite lush product, the pop in the bath bubble bar. It is super cute, and should be able to be re-used. Super excited to try this one!
Candy Mountain (Bubble Bar)
I really like the smell of this, it kind of smells like the comforter bubble bar, or if you haven't tried that, like red licorice. It's pink, so immediately gets a yes from me. Another one I can't wait to try!

Hoped you liked this little haul, I will be doing review on every product, so you can see how the if-y ones turn out :)

Amesmames xx

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