Merry Christmas!!!! + Thoughts

So this is very late but merry Christmas!!! I have been in Gisborne for the past week and have been blessed enough to spend Christmas with my family (some of which live in Aussie).

 I feel like now that I am slightly older, and know what I need as well as want, I could give people better idea's for gifts, meaning that I got better gifts this year. I also got very excited about giving gifts this year, having more people to buy for was hard, I'm not made of money, but in the end i felt like i was getting another present, and it was such a good feeling.

Sorry for not doing a post on my wrapping, but it was quite a chore. I invited a friend, let's call her Meg, to help me wrap the presents, I thought this was a great idea because there were a LOT of presents to wrap, but turns out Meg can't wrap a present for her life, after her wrapping one present I decided to wrap them myself and let her do the tape. Bad choice!! She re-arranged all the paper and wrapped each and every one of them in the most awful way possible! So once I got to Gisborne I had to re-wrap all of them :/ So long story short, don't invite anybody to help wrap your presents, unless you have actually seen one of their wrapped presents.

 The part of the family we have been visiting, however, is non-christian. This made it very difficult to make Christmas about Jesus, and Christmas ended up being more about presents, and it was actually one of my least favourite Christmas holidays. But the sad thing is it was hardly even about family. This broke my heart, because I always thought we were a close family and could get past Christmas presents on Christmas day, but I was wrong.

What were the ups and downs of you're holiday?
I would love to see in the comments :)

Amesmames xx

P.s. I will do my new years resolutions on new years eve, and will post photos from Gisborne hopefully by the end of the week.

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