Friday, 24 October 2014

Spring/Summer Haul

For the past month I've been collecting various pieces of clothing to get prepared for the summer holidays. So here is the start of my 2014 summer wardrobe:

 First up some pink high waisted shorts with a chevron edge from Valley Girl , I thought these would be really good because they are light and easy to slip on, so perfect for summer.
 Next some denim shorts. These are a necessity for me, but for some reason i had none.  So i immediately bought these from Cotton On.
 Third a greeny-greyey-bluey (?) tank top from Dotti. I bought this because i really wanted to expand the colours of my wardrobe, as I mostly have pink and blue things, and I really like how this sat, it is so comfortable.
 Fourth a white singlet from Just Jeans, Its loose and a gorgeous top that I couldn't bear to leave behind.
Finally i have a lovely white sleeveless tee with a scalloped collar and edges. I bought this at the same time that I bought the pink shorts. I have never really been too into the collars, but now i'm sold. This is so cute and I absolutely LOVE it.

Hope you enjoyed this post, i'll be typing again soon. <3

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