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Popflex is an active wear brand created by youtube, pilates instructor Cassey Ho, also known as Blogilates. I've been following Cassey on social media ever since I first got into pop pilates two years ago. I'm obsessed with the positive attitude and message she spreads.
Cassey came out with her first range in popflex in January last year and since then has had two more releases. They are all stunningly beautiful and creative.

I was lucky enough to win a $100 voucher for the online popflex store on an instagram giveaway, and went on a mini spree. I only bought 3 items, and so far am impressed with the beauty and quality.

I went in with a game plan, one bra, one pair of leggings, and one top. I didn't quite stick to it, swapping a top for shorts, but I am very proud of myself for not spending any extra money. The wishing star capri's were a must for me. As soon as I saw the sheer paneling and criss-cross pattern around the calf I was a goner. I decided to be brave and go for the dark bloom pattern instead my preferred plain black, which I do not regret. The pattern is gorgeous, but I expected nothing less from Cassey Ho. I had a little bit of trouble ordering these leggings. When they first arrived they were too small and I had to send them all the way back to America to exchange for a bigger size. The fit of the next size up was far better. The quality of these leggings is insane; they are incredibly stretchy and slimming, the fabric doesn't go sheer when stretched, and the material is super soft. The only down side for me is they tend to slip down when doing more intense activities. They work very well for pilates.

Once again I was a little bit brave, purchasing the fly away run shorts in the dark bloom pattern. These are also beautiful. The fabric layers sheer, and opaque in a butterfly wing-like style. On the website they recommend wearing booty shorts underneath, which I think is definitely necessary as the shorts are very loose.

Last, but definitely not least, the set the bar bra in night. This is my favourite item out of the three. One thing Cassey stressed was how hard her team had worked to produce the bra cups for all her sports bras. I wasn't confident that the bra would be as good as she said. When I put the bra on, though, I nearly cried. The support of this bra is AMAZING! No matter what crazy moves I do my boobs are kept in place, barely bouncing at all. I am a very happy customer. If you would like to see the bra in action check out my Instagram.

I am pretty stoked with the quality and beauty of each of these items. I'm already planning my next wee haul. I'd love to know what you think of the popflex activewear if you've tried any.

Amesmames xx

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  1. I've never heard of this brand but they look and sound great! Lovely post xx

    Sophie xx // www.oneunique.co.uk


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