A Day at Sumner Beach

Sumner is one of my favourite places in Christchurch, I love the cheerful atmosphere. I'm always nagging my family to go on a walk at Sumner in the evenings. Being the planner that I am, I had organised everything and been looking forward to going for the past couple of days.

 I generally only go in summer, on mild nights, and it's normally packed! Because of the freezing temperatures and the high tide it was much less busy than I'm used to which was really nice.
  Me and my sisters wandered down the beach and headed to the fish and chip store when I spotted this cute, pink building and made everybody stop....
... And made them take photos of me.

 We then headed back down to the beach to eat our chips. It was short lived, as we were swarmed by seagulls and had to run a hide behind a rock.

Little trips like this are such mood boosters. It's so calm and peaceful, I found myself totally relaxed, which is incredibly rare for me. I found the week going so much faster when I had something to look forward to.

Outfit Details:
Pom Pom Beanie - Cotton On (similar style here)
Peplum Top - Glassons (similar style here)
Skinny Jeans - Cotton On
Shoulder Bag - Laura Jones

Amesmames xx


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