Lush Review: Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Its been so long since I have done a lush review, in fact I think my last review was back in October. So this post is long overdue.

I actually bought this bath bomb on boxing day, when everything was half price. This particular bath bomb could only be bought in a gift box, as it is from the Oxford St range, which can normally only be bought from the Oxford St shop.

I was extremely excited to try it once I saw the bright colours, and was not disappointed when I dropped it into the bath. This is by far the most beautiful bath bomb I have ever used. As you can imagine it fizzes away blue, pink and yellow, and it leaves the bath a lovely deep blue. It really does make you feel like you're in space!
I interested in the smell of the bath bomb as well, because instead of your classic sweet or floral lush product, this bomb had an incredibly strong minty scent. This scent was so strong, I think it could clear up someones sinus in minutes! Before i popped it in the bath i swore i would hate the smell, it was just too strong, but I actually really like it. I wouldn't be able to use it everyday, but every now and again this would be a lovely and refreshing treat.

While I do love this bath bomb and the beautiful colours it makes in the bath, I wouldn't recommend to just anyone because of its strong scent, it would have to be someone I know can handle stuff like this.
I'm now really keen to try out some other Oxford St products, and see if they are as different  and amazing as the intergalactic bomb. Who knows when I'll be able to get my hands on something, but I'll let you know when I do!

Have you tried any of the Oxford St products? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Amesmames xx

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