School Dance

Hello, this is very late, as my school dance was like a month ago, but here it is.

Every year my school has its year 9&10 dance, and there is always a massive hype about it the weeks leading up to it. Girls are talking about where they bought their dresses from, and who has the the same dress as who.
There's also who is going with who. We don't actually do dates at the dance and have couple pictures or anything, but there's still a massive hype.
I personally love the hype before, during, and after the dance. It helps you get through term 3, which I find is often the most boring term of the year, because it gives you something to look forward too.
Sadly this was my last year for the dance, as I am in year 10. Now I have to wait two years for formal :(

My dress was $30 from Trendz. I absolutely LOVED it. I was however a little nervous about wearing it since it's a lot longer than most dance dresses, and I thought the pattern was quite out there. It turned out fine, and I got multiple complements, which was unexpected.

My shoes were $20 from No. 1 shoe warehouse. It took quite a long time to find a shoe that would look good with my dress, luckily we found these baby blue heels. I loved these as well, they matched the dress well, made my feel pretty, and showed my personality. (That sounds so cheesy)

All in all it came to $50. I was expecting to spend more like $150, so of course I was extremely happy with that outcome. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to wearing the dress, or the shoes again, which may seem like a waste of $50, but compared to the amounts other girls spent on their dresses, I think it was alright.

Amesmames xx

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