Roots and Branches

Today in school during assembly one of the teachers said something that really made me think, it was actually supposed to be about attitude, but it is also a good way to think about your skin. They said that we are like a tree how we act and react (branches) are affected by our beliefs and values (roots).

This is so true, it's a really good way to think about how we should be thinking, because is our hearts and minds are bad, then our attitudes, and actions will be bad also. I think this is super challenging, for me especially, because I have been struggling with being rude to my mother. I tell myself everyday that I am going to be good, and not snap or talk back to mum in any rude type of way, and everyday I fail. So this year I really want to challenge myself and make a big effort, because I always end up disappointed with myself, day after day. 

I am also going to try this new thing, I thought of it myself, so I don't know if it's effective, but when I am annoyed by someone, or dislike someone (which if i'm being honest is way more often then it should be) I am going to think of three positive things about the person, and see if that changes my perspective, and how i feel about them.

This idea of a tree, is also good when thinking about skin and acne. our body (the roots) need nutrients, as we know, to keep our skin (the branches) looking smooth and lovely. I'm so bad about this, I've only just started getting pimples, and because I've never had to worry that much about what I eat, and put into my body, I haven't really put a thought into what I'm putting into my body now. I am facing the consequences now, and am trying to make a change, the tree idea is a great way to remind me to keep on track with the healthier attitude, and body.

Hope this has made you think as much as it made me think, I probably didn't say it as well as the teacher, but hey, what the heck.

Amesmames xx

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