Last week I was at a camp for my youth group, and while I was there I realized how much easier life would be If we didn't expect so much from ourselves. Now I know we can't just stop trying in school, sport, music etc. but if we just pace ourselves, and stop comparing ourselves to others, we could probably even enjoy school. Not everyone is a maths genius and thats okay, what matters is how you look at school and life. 

I struggle with this soo much I am constantly comparing my test results with others, and aiming for top of the class instead of my personal best. There's almost always someone who is better than you in each subject and comparing yourself to them isn't going to get you any where. That's something I am going to have to tell myself hundreds of times this year.

Another way to enjoy school is to be organised. I am the complete opposite. I don't understand how people can finish their homework early in the week and not watch TV or something. I know if I had a choice between homework and facebook, that wouldn't even be a choice for me. But I have made a schedule and am going to try and stick to it, at least for one week.


6:00 am - Get up, try to remember to pray in the morning

6:00-7:30 am - Exercise for 20 mins, 10 min devotion, Have shower and get dressed. Sometimes there is also time for facebook :P

7:30-8:00 am - Have breakfast, and big drink of water!

8:00-12:00 pm - School/ Activity/ Work

12:00/12:30 pm - Lunch 

1:15-4:00 pm - More School/ Activity/ Work

4:00-4:30 pm - Afternoon tea

4:30-6:30 pm - Homework (:/)

6;30-7:15 pm - Dinner and Dessert

7:15-8:15 pm - Freetime

8:15- 9:00 pm - Wind down and relax, read or have a bath etc.

9:00-10:00 pm - Go to sleep (it takes forever for me to get to sleep), maybe more reading?

This is my ideal schedule but I'm not known for sticking to it :3

Comment good ideas for getting into the spirit of school

Amesmames xx

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